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Lake County, FL Office of Elevate Lake

Capital-improvement bonds for Lake County to go on sale April 12

Release Date: April 11, 2007

TAVARES — Lake County announces the sale of approximately $84 million in capital-improvement revenue bonds on Thursday, April 12.

Lake County officials met with bond-rating companies during the third week of March. The County received favorable bond ratings from the companies of Moody's (A1), Fitch (A+) and Standard & Poor's (A).

The bonds will provide long-term financing for several capital projects, including construction of a six-story parking garage, a two-story building for the Constitutional Offices of Property Appraiser and Tax Collector and a six-story Judicial Center expansion.

"Lake County's track record of solid management has resulted in favorable bond ratings," said County Manager Cindy Hall. "This translates to better value for our customers, the residents of Lake County."

An additional $36 million in general obligation bonds for the 2004 voter-approved public lands referendum is expected to go on sale next week.

The minimum investment for individuals is $5,000. Residents interested in investing in the future of Lake County bonds can contact Clint Tighe with Citigroup Bond Issue at 407-623-5619 or Janie Landherr with First Southwest Company at 1-800-922-9850.

Lake County media contact:
Communications Department
Public Information Coordinator
Office: 352-343-9603; Cell: 352-455-0445

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