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Lake County, FL Office of Elevate Lake
Real Opportunity:  Lake County has been the 6th fastest growing county in Florida since 2000.
Real Access:  Lake County is within 60 miles of four international or executive airports and within a 1.5 hour drive of three major sea ports.
Real Industry:  Manufacturing makes up 7% of Lake County’s workforce, one of the highest rates in Florida.
Real Value:  Lake County’s millage rate is one of the lowest in the region, making it appealing to existing and prospective business owners.
Real Talent:  More than 500,000 students are enrolled at higher education institutions within a 100 mile radius of Lake County.
Real Location:  Lake County is just 35 minutes from downtown Orlando, ranked in the top 10 largest cities in the U.S. for infrastructure.
Real Lifestyle:  Picturesque hills, acres of parks, and of course, lakes and rivers make Lake County a prime destination for any entrepreneur interested in planting their roots and growing both their business and their family.
Real Beauty:  Rolling hills and stunning vistas comprise Lake County’s unique terrain, leading to the highest point in peninsular Florida, Sugarloaf Mountain.

Welcome to Lake County, Florida

With its prime location, pro-business approach and unparalleled quality of life, Lake County is undoubtedly open for business.

Lake County offers small town character, combined with the amenities of a major metropolitan city. Centrally located in the state, with easy access to interstates, highways, railways, seaports and international airports, companies in Lake County are able to service businesses throughout the state, nation and world, with down-home southern hospitality and a smile. This also makes Lake County an attractive destination for tourists, and the best and brightest employment candidates.

Placing great emphasis on being the most business friendly county in the State and contributing significant resources to economic development and job growth, the Lake County Board of County Commissioners is determined to create a robust and healthy economy for Lake County’s citizens and businesses.

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Business Opportunity Centers
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