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Lake County, FL Office of Elevate Lake

Lake County Commissioners approve suspension of transportation impact fees for one year

Release Date: March 02, 2010

TAVARES — In an effort to rally the local economy, the Lake County Board of County Commissioners approved an ordinance at its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday that suspends the collection of transportation impact fees on new developments beginning today for one year.

According to the approved ordinance, which can be found online,:

“The Board of County Commissioners wish to stimulate the local economy by encouraging economic development and promoting job creation; and transportation impact fees are applicable to all types of developments, including residential, commercial, office and industrial development, and can be a substantial component of a developer’s total development costs.”

|“I look at this at helping small businesses,” said Commissioner Linda Stewart.

Commissioner Jimmy Conner said, ““We’ve had some people come here today and say our vote today will determine if some of these projects will move forward. I’m confident that there will be some level of job creation as a result of this vote.”

For more information about Lake County impact fees, call the Lake County Department of Growth Management, Development Processing Office, at (352) 343-9451.

Lake County media contact:
Communications Department
Public Information Coordinator
Office: 352-343-9603; Cell: 352-455-0445

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