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Lake County, FL Office of Elevate Lake

Office of Elevate Lake Business Development Managers

Lake County's Office of Elevate Lake is constantly striving to make Lake County the premiere destination in Florida for business and industry. In Lake County, being "Business Friendly" isn't just a catchy tagline, it is the basis of every decision made and every program implemented. A truly business friendly environment can only be achieved through a deep understanding of the needs of the local businesses. Solid relationship building and effective, on-going communication are the cornerstones of Lake County’s approach to learning about the local business community.

The County has been divided into three (3) micro-regions, and a dedicated Office of Elevate Lake Coordinator has been assigned to each region. Each coordinator is tasked with being fully-engaged in their region's business community, which includes weekly site visits to local businesses. Through this on-going and daily interaction, the coordinators are able to cultivate and manage the type of relationships that are necessary to truly understand the needs of Lake County's businesses.

For more information about the many programs offered by Lake County’s Office of Elevate Lake, or to learn more about how the office can assist your business, schedule a site visit by calling 352-343-9647.

Business Development Managers

Northwest Lake
Alexandra Sanchez

Northeast Lake
Amanda Johnson

South Lake
Brandon Matulka